Consultdarcy Ltd

Interim CEO. Transformational independent consultant dedicated to impact with integrity and compassion.

I am a highly experienced independent charity consultant operating at a senior level with Boards, Chief Executives, and senior managers. I specialise in strategy, leadership development, mentoring, performance improvement, evaluation, and significant organisational change and development.

I have a wide knowledge of and experience in effective strategic development and change processes in not-for-profit and voluntary organisations.

With eighteen years hands-on experience as a charity CEO, I have led a number of charities through change and development.

I work with Boards and leadership teams often as an interim-CEO to promote a productive governance culture and provide an essential understanding of financial management as key tools in delivering the changes that organisations need.

Interim CEO

An unexpected absence of a key member of your management team due to long-term ill-health, maternity leave, or an unexpected resignation, can impact heavily on your charity and can throw well laid plans in to confusion.

Trustee Development

Periodic change is essential if Trustees are to meet the challenge of operating a charity in the 21st century.Sometimes staff and Trustees are too close to the issues to be objective. Through experience working as a Chief Executive in the charity sector, and as a charity Trustee, I can help find a way through the minefield of change management and strategic planning, working with Trustees, staff, and other stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes.


Having a business mentor can help you to focus, to look at your business from a different perspective. This is essential to identify strategies and opportunities for improvement and growth.

Training & Workshops

I will shape sessions to meet your specific needs. This can mean formal training for trustee boards and senior leaders, a strategy review or the facilitation of workshops or away-days.

Advice & Guidance

Whether you are a regional charity or a community group working at a local level, when you sign up for on-going support from me, you can be confident in the knowledge that you have the advice and reassurance from someone who has hands on proven experience of developing charities.

Venture Philanthropy

It takes place every day; you are approached by a fundraiser on the street, a friend asks you to support a good cause, an advertisement in the newspaper or an appeal on TV urges you to help. The list of such encounters is endless, especially since the development of digital marketing and social media. So how do we make a sound social investment that has impact?If you would like help refining your questions and identifying the individual charities I can help.

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